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[#221515] Written by: bucsie [14/03/2015, 02:19]

In the past week I've been experiencing a lot of 'CloudFlare' 'site is offline' messages. Is it just me?
Sometimes it happens that the site loads ok, but then I click a couple of times, go to a TV show
info page and whoosh, CloudFlare message again!
[#221518] Written by: scudsy [14/03/2015, 04:56]
Quote by BoonesFerry

FFS! People! Don't log in to imposter sites.

The one and ONLY official eztv url is https : // eztv . ch
The one and only semi-sanctioned proxy is https://eztv-proxy.net
(use adblock and popup blocker to avoid the popups and ads)

EZTV is still publishing torrents.
if/when https : // eztv . ch or eztv-proxy.net is unreachable use one of its mirror sites.

How can people who have been using this site for years not know this already.
It boggles my mind when people want something so bad that common sense goes out the window.

Ohh mate. you do have a way with words. Your point is 100% valid though. It's is truley mind blowing the
amount of people that don't have a clue. To them lol
[#221533] Written by: Myth024 [15/03/2015, 08:16]
For those that have been accessing EZTV by proxy and didn't realize that the dot IT domain belonged
to someone else, AND have noted that every attempt to publish the actual URL shows up on the proxy
site as the proxy url.. here is an attempt to provide you with the REAL domain name.

EZTV dot see H So yea it's EZTV with a period then a letter C followed by the letter H. If you are
going to the other one with the dot eye T (dot IT) then you are on a spoof site and who knows what
they are doing with your poor browser. So don't go to the spoof site. Your browser will hate you.
[#221535] Written by: drako76 [15/03/2015, 09:12]
I was at the https://eztv.it/search/ site and I cant login to this site the home page login does
nothing then I go to login page and it sends me back to home page? If I go to any other tabs though
I am logged in except when I want to go to my page then it sends me back to home page and I am not
logged in? And as I am looking right now I am logged in as Daydreamer0008 which is not me I am
Drako76?? Any help would be great??????
[#221536] Written by: drako76 [15/03/2015, 09:18]
I should mention that I go to the eztv.it site and can never get in I might get in to the home page
one in a blue moon but when I try another tab I get the warning message.

Ha just tried the .ch site and is working??????anyway sorry for the waste of space hopefully all is well
[#221555] Written by: DAVEN [16/03/2015, 13:57]
Hi NovaKIng, DAVEN here 3-16-15
thanks for the explanation, makes me feel much better.

BUT I have a question. Seems I have been hit 4 times in past 11 months by MPAA Through Verizon.net
my Fios internet provider...Fiber optics.
the last time was a few weeks ago, and I probably made the mistake of downloading too much at one time,
but I wanted to catch up on my TV shows. Well, at 2:45 AM EDST I was downloading an episode of
American Horror story, end of the season back in November. and at 9:30 AM EDST my internet connection
was shut off, took a few minutes to receive the screen message from Fios that I needed to read and
acknowledge the copyright infringement notice. I never received 1 and 2 but in October 2014
received number 3, and have used peerblock ever since, now this one caught me by surprise since I
was using Peerblock at the time. I wrote to the creator, lots of steps to go through there. and
have NOT heard back
from him to date. I have thought that since MPAA had my isp number from 2 times it was just a matter
of occassionally screening that address to look at downloads. anyway, not hearing from Peerblock, I
have not been downloading any of my shows, plus the errors from cloud thing, so if you would be so kind
as to let me know the BEST way to keep my privacy and keep MPAA from tracking me.
Funny thing is the notice from FIOS just gives a general notice that someone at this address has
copyrighted material, and then lists the what where and when, says to get them to stop, but NEVER
any penalty or suspension. BUT they do say they will never divulge my personal name etc, unless by
court order.
I am pretty old, 72, have been involved with computers since 1973, on the internet since 1993 and have
witnessed the coming demise of the internet as we know it for several years, much like the russians
sending moles into the US years ago to get into high places and be ready to strike at ANY TIME.

Think we may be about to find out how all that works SOON.
Anyway enough whinning, i just want to be directed to the BEST way to keep eyes off me.
Thanks so much for your input, I know you are busy.
[email protected]
[#221558] Written by: BoonesFerry [16/03/2015, 15:28]


Copyright notices have nothing to do with EZTV.
Your issue is NOT with EZTV "Issues with website"
Peerblock does NOT, nor does it claim to, hide your identity (IP).
Educate yourself. Hide your true identity (IP). Use a VPN.

[#221574] Written by: drako76 [17/03/2015, 09:41]
Hi I have only one problem now My calender doesnt seem to be working, I click on a show from
yesterday and it hasnt been released yet (not available to download)? Is anyone else getting this
problem? Im not complaining just wondering Cheers
[#221604] Written by: btkramer [18/03/2015, 08:18]
I am having trouble with 'My Page'. I have been checking and refreshing it for the past few days (when the site was
available), and it was showing no new episodes, even after I knew they had come out. So I went to kickass, and got them
there. Later, I searched on eztv, and found that the episodes were there on the site, but now showing up as new in 'My

Then today, I saw a number of new episodes available on 'My Page' (though still none for the ones I went to kickass for). I
got the torrent files (did not click the 'Watched' button), and then clicked on one of the shows to look at the whole episode
list for that show, and then went back to 'My Page'. When I went back to 'My Page' all of the new episodes it was showing
earlier were gone again, and I had not clicked the 'Watched' button for them.

Now, I am going through every show in my list to check on whether or not there is a new episode, because 'My Page' doesn't
seem to be working.

Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

[#221663] Written by: walele [23/03/2015, 06:29]
Everything is cool with me, maybe it's the browser being used?
[#221674] Written by: mementh [24/03/2015, 05:47]
Seriously what is wrong with this site lately? Either its as slow as a snail or we get the now famous Website is Ofline crap.
This needs to be fixed or people will go elsewhere. And im one of the ones considering it. I have loved this site for ages but
its loosing its shine and fast.
[#221682] Written by: BoonesFerry [24/03/2015, 21:15]
Don't consider it. Just do it. Go elsewhere. Use multiple sites. Spread your little wings. Go forth.
[#221685] Written by: darthvengeant [25/03/2015, 07:56]
Any update on why the site is so slow or just goes to an "Website Offline" page continually? I love
this site, but I have had to get my stuff from other sites the past few weeks because of it. Heck, I
am surprised the forums even loaded long enough for me to be able to post. Just wondering what the
issue is, weeks later still.

[#221688] Written by: drako76 [25/03/2015, 08:47]
Yeah I am getting
Website is offline

No cached version of this page is available.
Error 522 Ray ID: 1ccb0090e2d519b6
Connection timed out
What happened?

The initial connection between CloudFlare's network and the origin web server timed out. As a
result, the web page can not be displayed.
What can I do?
If you're a visitor of this website:

Please try again in a few minutes.
If you're the owner of this website:

Contact your hosting provider letting them know your web server is not completing requests. An Error
522 means that the request was able to connect to your web server, but that the request didn't
finish. The most likely cause is that something on your server is hogging resources. Additional
troubleshooting information here.

CloudFlare Ray ID: 1ccb0090e2d519b6
[#221698] Written by: smallseb [26/03/2015, 06:32]
you are making a wonderful work!
We know it is hard to keep up and everything. We are forever thankfull for the brilliant time you are spending in here!
loads of love from france
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