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[#483722] Written by: sportscrazed2 [29/04/2015, 09:03]
So is the bt-chat RSS dead? That's how I've been using you guys. I
guess I could keep the page open in a pinned tab but I like my
automated method
[#483767] Written by: guerrilla [06/05/2015, 01:12]
Seen all button does not work at the moment.
[#483796] Written by: metal13 [11/05/2015, 02:46]
Website is very buggy at the moment, the "watched All" button returns a 404 and so does a lot of
other clicks to pages etc....

Don't know whats going on in the back end with the website, but its NOTHING like it was a couple of
months ago.

I see registrations are back on the agenda, i would hold off on those with the website in this state
at the moment!

Looking forward to some fixes!
[#483798] Written by: Nerdfury [11/05/2015, 07:03]
Total first world problems kind of issue, but when I hot the magnet link buttons now, it opens a new blank page in my
browser at the same time as loading the torrent. Small problem, I know, but is this something on the site's end, or mine?
[#483800] Written by: catmania [11/05/2015, 12:59]
I get an error on "my page" when I click all

EZTV encountered a 404 Not Found error with this page.

This is a temporary situation!

Our administrators have been alerted about this page.. if this is an error it will be resolved!
[#483989] Written by: s9dorf [25/06/2015, 21:22]
Hi Team!
just wondering how to fix my watched shows list.
I can add shows, but the new eposides arnt showing up on my page.
can you help please?
[#484016] Written by: Paul Family [08/07/2015, 05:42]
Hello NovaKing. Awesome site, love it. Have noticed though that some shows like Rizzoli and Isles
is back and four weeks in but the site still has it on break. Also, noticed the links aren't working
properly with script issues and just not downloading from the magnet links?? I'm sure it's just a
bug to be fixed but I thought maybe I should say something incase you weren't aware. Do love
your work though ... THANK YOU SO MUCH.
[#484074] Written by: drako76 [02/08/2015, 09:47]
Lots of things aren't working foe me now on this site? Tv News hasn't changed in months? Shows that
have finished for the season are still coming up for download?
[#484075] Written by: patsfangr [03/08/2015, 02:15]
Lately there has been an absence of Magnet downloads for many shows. Is there some general problem causing
that? Do you expect to have it corrected soon?
[#484147] Written by: cyber001 [16/09/2015, 21:32]
I wanted to post regarding the advertising that was recently added to the website.

I understand the sites need to support it's self through ad revenue however the major issue is the
format of your advertising by default popup / popbehind full page adds are mostly blocked by default
on major browsers not to mention that they are disruptive to the user experiance as are video or
multimedia advertisements using flashing lights sound or rapid movements.

I would like to recommend changing the advertising format of the site to unobtrusive animated banner
adds in the page margins. provided you properly screen your advertising partners to prevent loud
obnoxious or offensive content your more likely to pass the acceptable content white lists of major
ad blocks and improve site revenue without alienating your users
[#484174] Written by: petjax [29/09/2015, 10:44]
Is this website not being updated anymore or is there something wrong on my side?.
The tv news section has not been updated since the 24 of april for instance.
Thank you.
[#484255] Written by: mit [11/11/2015, 23:29]
can you please get rid of the pop-ups that are now attached to your site. One keeps setting off my
anti-virus program.
[#484258] Written by: vikes1996 [12/11/2015, 20:51]
I agree. Nearly every click on the site launches a pop-up that get past my blockers. It's ridiculous.
[#484263] Written by: mit [15/11/2015, 02:52]
still doing it band now it takes 2-3 times per page to change it due to the ads
[#484268] Written by: mit [17/11/2015, 19:49]
ok you got to do something about the pop-up ads it took me 3mins and 10 ads to just get into the
login page and use it.
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