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[#150967] Written by: Coco [19/01/11, 00:58]
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since nobody posted what this is yet.

skins is a wild ride through the lives of a group of high school friends stumbling through the mine field
of adolescence... and stepping on most of the mines as they go.

we'll meet tony; good looking, witty, manipulative - he wants everything, and usually gets it. then
there's his girlfriend michelle; gorgeous and clever, just not clever enough to realize tony may not be
the right one for her. and maybe the right one is actually tony's best friend, stanley. he's everything
tony isn't, and that might end up being a good thing. of course, stanley is stuck in a pretend
relationship with cadie, possibly the most dysfunctional girl ever to attend a high school... or maybe
that's all just another thing she's faking. you'll love chris because, well, everyone does. no drug is too
obscure for him to try, and no sexual mountain too high for him to climb. complicating everyone's life
is the infamous tea. she likes girls. and girls like her. what more is there to figure out... right? and
let's not forget abbud, the not so devout moslem and daisy, the responsible one of the group who is
just itching to break some rules of her own.

be it sex, drugs, the breadth of friendships or the depth of heartbreaks, skins is an emotional mosh-pit
that slams through the insanity of teenage years. they'll crush hearts and burn brain cells, while
fearlessly confronting every obstacle head on...or slightly off.
[#150985] Written by: Mutiny [19/01/11, 02:42]
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this is a us remake of a british show, the british version was very good, although they squeezed 2
seasons too many out of the show.
[#151026] Written by: brownstudies [19/01/11, 07:59]
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this is a godawful remake. the acting is terrible - you barely get any sense of the original
characters from the uk show, but worse than that, there's a complete lack of individualism
throughout the whole group.
the only thing that separates "tea" from "michelle" is that we're told tea likes girls. "cadie" is
supposedly dysfunctional, but no matter how hard they try to push this with wacky scenes involving
knives and bunny rabbits, the actress portrays her so blandly that she might as well be playing
"michelle". where's the personality gone? and for that matter, the humour?
this isn't the kind of show that works well with cookie-cutter actors/characters. it's almost like
they've tried to merge uk skins with beverly hills 90210.
[#151028] Written by: BoonesFerry [19/01/11, 08:23]
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ugh! i hate it when us hollywood fucks up a great uk original series.
the original is one of the best series ever.
[#151044] Written by: takeacloselook [19/01/11, 10:56]
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crap show. would rather watch original series 1 again.
[#151055] Written by: marsman [19/01/11, 11:30]
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+1 for the original uk-show.
as noted before the content of the skins (us) 1x01 is pretty much the same as the original with only
minor modification but the acting of the uk-cast is really good.
on the 27th january the 5th season of skins "uk" is starting. the last season was a little bit too
let's see how good this new season will be with the new cast. i already miss effy!
[#151094] Written by: ExplodingBoy [19/01/11, 20:07]
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find the original one from the uk ,, i fell in love with the cast of it
[#151133] Written by: malbourne [20/01/11, 05:59]
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i know what's wrong with this version; it's on mtv.
this should have been titled "degrassi high 2011".
i'm sure if it was on hbo or similar it would be written better and it would be edgier.
i never saw the uk original so i got the first episode and watched it. brilliant!
then i watched the us version.
at first when i saw tony's bed cover i thought "hmm, ok" but as soon as i saw what they did with the
window of the woman across the road, i knew i was in for a disappointment.
if you've seen the original uk version, don't bother with this.
if you're 13yo and not allowed to see the original, then you might like this version.
if anything, for the nipples on the chick that hosts the party.
[#151155] Written by: mikey-bizzle-09 [20/01/11, 10:10]
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first shameless now skins!! come up with your own bloody ideas yanks!
[#151164] Written by: Feenix [20/01/11, 11:12]
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many british tv shows have been "americanised" over the years. many i'm sure to much commerical
appeal such as the office. however, skins just isn't something that can work this way at all. it's
as british as tv shows get, it's about the lifestyles of an entire generation (if exaggerated for
entertainment), but a british generation.

this might have worked if they'd taken the basic concept and completely adapted it but they've tried
to "copy & paste" a tv show and i don't expect americans to get it. epic fail mtv, epic fail.
[#151167] Written by: kingdarko [20/01/11, 11:40]
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yeah that was pretty bad compared to the uk one.

have to hand it to brownstudies for hitting the nail on the head.... that acting was shocking.

none of those kids have any acting talent, and it's not like they have any charisma either which is a shame
as they are basically good looking planks of wood.
[#151181] Written by: malbourne [20/01/11, 14:12]
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Quote by mikey-bizzle-09
first shameless now skins!! come up with your own bloody ideas yanks!

dude, the americans have been doing this since the 70s.


there's a new show just come out called "episodes".
it's not "funny ha ha" but it is amusing.
it's about how a us producer wants to remake a successful uk sitcom and even though they get the uk
writers in for the remake, they insist on doing things their way.


[#151457] Written by: 2camjohn [22/01/11, 12:10]
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so this is worse than the us shameless knock off?

how is that even possible?!!?!
[#151471] Written by: davee [22/01/11, 16:50]
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the seasons of the uk version before the cast switch were the only ones worth watching. so i was
really looking forward to seeing them again with maybe a little american spin. however i've not
even finished watching the first important scene and i'm not sure if i can watch any more. the
acting is terrible, and tony is a major member of the cast.

this just doesn't have the edginess that the uk version had, effy looks like a rape victim as
opposed to someone coming in from a good night out and from the way she staggers around its just not
clear that this is a regular thing for her which it instantly was in the uk version. plus the
window frame, what do the americans have against nudity? also making it a fairly attractive lady
tony is interested in takes something away from the story as well. oh well, i'll unpause and try
and finish it.
[#151582] Written by: dexluther [24/01/11, 01:08]
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i know what people's problems with this show is. they're all in the uk and completely biased.

every brit i've talked to would have you believe that coronation street is the best thing since sliced
bread. either sliced bread in the uk is particularly horrible or people in the uk just have no
taste, which would make their opinion of this show essentially moot.

if you don't like the it then, go back to watching the uk version of skins and coronation street.
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