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[#181053] Written by: NovaKing (Administrator) [01/04/2012, 18:36]
with the recent change the scene have gone down with moving to x264, and after reading all the
comments people have been leaving on our forums. we have decided to take the initiative to provide
you, our sole reason for existing with a more standard format when it comes to our beloved tv shows.

so as of today, we have taken extra steps to provide every release in the stable, most reliable
format of real media. real media format has been a solid codec for nearly two decades, it is widely
supported on every device known to man, and with its exceptional compression format we can provide
the same high quality shows you would expect!

we believe this change will benefit everyone and ease the pain.

to a bright future!

- novaking

***** update *****

it appears a stuff up on our end just cause our releases to be purely renamed to .3gp and not
actually re-encoded. i guess this kind of stuff tends to happen on april 1st. sorry for any

***** extended update *****

ok, so people seem to be confused. shame really... tv shows come out at night time, so doing an
april fools joke before midday is pretty much impossible for us. so we did it on the night of april
1st. get over it. no files were re-encoded into real media, all you do is rename the file extension
to the correct one (.avi, .mp4, .mkv) realistically the video player shouldn't care about the file
extension and actually read the header information of the file to actually know what codec to use,
but alas.

also, to the people who said "it's april 2nd where i am" now... have a look at the time display at
the top of our page, this is the time we work off, our site is international so if you can't handle
it then i suggest you change your times to be that of est so you won't get confused next time.

long live the iron fish
[#181055] Written by: Lenugo [01/04/2012, 19:10]
keep up the good work!
[#181065] Written by: zanahoria12 [01/04/2012, 19:50]
i do so love the annual april fool's day joke. keep up the good work:)
[#181071] Written by: BurnCycle [01/04/2012, 20:16]
good to see the scene changing to the no1 codec in the world... ehehe
[#181073] Written by: andrewwhiteinc [01/04/2012, 20:32]
[#181080] Written by: RomaMafia [01/04/2012, 21:07]
i was just getting used to the .mp4 which my vuze player plays perfectly. the new format isn't
working too well for me alas, it skips and jumps.
[#181081] Written by: osmosis [01/04/2012, 21:10]
so they're just renamed right?
[#181090] Written by: pixelslut [01/04/2012, 21:27]
[#181093] Written by: murdrum [01/04/2012, 21:44]
you had me for a bit. "utorrent has started downloading blahblahblah.rm-lol.3gp" wtfff!!!

took me 10 minutes to find this and immediately realise what was going on. no fair that some of us are still
getting pranked on the other side of the world at 2/4/2012 midday!
[#181111] Written by: TraumaHound [01/04/2012, 22:25]
"goodbye vhs, hello selectavision ced disc." - pierce hawthorne, greendale community college

...now, seriously, where's the properly-formatted bob's burgers...or do i have to watch this on my damned
cellphone? :-p
[#181119] Written by: nightmarejoker2 [01/04/2012, 22:34]
april fools jokes sure are fun, but this actually isn't so much fun. the filenames are part of the values
protected by the bittorrent hashset, which means you either need to issue new torrents tomorrow and
lose all the seeds or keep it that way forever, sending everyone who downloads something a few days
later into crazy playback issues (with file extension guided players).

oh, and just so you know, the correct file extensions for real media are:
*.rm (for any type of real media file)
*.ra (real audio, typically cooker codec)
*.rv (real video, typically g2 codecs and earlier)
*.rmv (real media video, typically real's variants of h.263 and h.264 with vendor extensions, constant
bitrate formats)
*.rmvb (real media with variable bitrate, typically real's variants of cooker, ac3, aac-2/4 muxed
with their variants of h.263 or h.264 and their vendor specific extensions)

*.3gp? is the extension set for mpeg-4 simple profile used in small embedded devices, feature phones
and the mms standard for video (audio is amr).

the use of real media formats was and is still very common in the chinese, korean and japanese scene
groups, releasing anime, music (videos) and movies (only japan and south korea, china still sticks
with opendml-avi or even the raw avs streams from hd discs)
[#181135] Written by: DoobieDoobieDoo [01/04/2012, 23:33]
[#181140] Written by: agrocalm [01/04/2012, 23:41]
not funny i just wasted my time on 2 files for a mobile phone it is smaller size and not just a name
change of the extension and i am in australia it's april 2nd please upload avi's for family guy and
american dad
[#181143] Written by: dropin42 [01/04/2012, 23:47]
talk about shooting ones self in the foot or rather knee capping the forum mods who have been going on
ad infinitum about not being able to change things so that .avi releases can be made available along with
.mp4s happy april fools novaking
[#181145] Written by: akina [01/04/2012, 23:56]
lol, my favourite part is all the idiots that are getting upset.
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