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[#198963] Written by: NovaKing (Administrator) [23/04/2013, 02:05]
we plan to start offering more services to you the users (more 720p, possibly 1080p??)

and with that we need more resources. now i've been paying this out of my own pocket, which usually
means i'm rather limited in what i can do. but with bitcoins, i will be able to purchase more
servers to help out when otherwise i wouldn't be able to.

so if you are willing to donate some bitcoins, we would greatly appreciate it, but it's not a
requirement. we will still be here, and still be strong as ever (within reason, lol)

bitcoin: 1eztvagq6usjyj9fwqgnd45oz6hgt7wkzd
[#198972] Written by: Internet151 [23/04/2013, 05:04]
[#199068] Written by: passthehatround [24/04/2013, 17:56]
one of the main concepts to keep eztv safe was to not make money from it.

would be better being safe than faster imo.

could the hat not be passed around more privately?

eztv is not just a website.

just thinking, it is nice seeing how well following certain concepts has kept eztv free from the attacks that
have closed so many other sites, or had them go to court, jail etc...
[#199077] Written by: NovaKing (Administrator) [24/04/2013, 20:26]
i understand your concerns.

we thought of it as way for people to donate without having to expose themselves.

the link may not be a perm feature. seeing as most people don't seem interested it helping our cause
[#199199] Written by: passthehatround [26/04/2013, 20:23]
well for the record you do an amazing job.
[#199426] Written by: gdmr [30/04/2013, 22:01]
well first im sadly dont have bitcoin but ill try to get one only for you guys.

also i think its absolutly right thing to ask for support, absolutly right and by the community
paying i dont see any risk here.

also why not making money of it? he s is doing a lot of work effort, time and money into that
project gave us already plenty of plenty fun time with our shows.
its not bad to have a buiness, not bad to earn money not even bad if you can get rich, its always
the way how you do it.

theres a lot of crap out there making money, most money is made by leaving their customers no choice
(like nergy, food, banks, phone carrier and so on) this kind of businesses are like blackmailing
regular people by the bigmoney guys.

but offering a great service, pumping your own heartblood in, let people everywhere profit - and
making money of it - hey why not he would deserve it.

yes eztv is more than a website, thats i think they deserve the money, make ads, hope for donations
its ok. you guys are not some scumbags trying to make a quick buck, you do a great service and
honestly if it would be legal i would even pay a monthly 10 or 20 bucks for it -
better pay you guys 20 bucks than 10 buck my bigass cable carrier who already destroyed all small
isps in my city, killing jobs, and so on

no really dont be afraid - you cant cover everything - if you dont demand it youll never recieve it.
most of the time you dont even get a thanks for your hard work and your money you spent in - often
just critics over nonsense like new codecs or 20 ms cap in one episode of a show noone cares about

just my 2 cents
and now take a look how the hell i can get my hands on some bitcoins
or in words of hte good old b.o.f.h. how i can steel some .)
[#202197] Written by: eluser [03/07/2013, 06:56]
i have just read the post, and i think that the idea of supporting this web which give fantastic service to
people traveling around most of the year. at least, i keep watching my tv-shows.

i have just one question, what is a bit coin?

great job guys, my best wishes for you and your great website
[#202497] Written by: Krowzies [11/07/2013, 08:11]
bitcoin is a quasi-currency which has no central tracking authority. this makes bitcoin very difficult to
track and is thus used as a way to transfer capital between entities anonymously. bitcoins are traded
in marketplaces and exchanges for real money (e.g. us dollar or euro). some businesses also allow
people to pay for services with bitcoins. i personally buy my coins from street vendors; you pay an
inflated price but it's in my opinion well worth the additional cost due to the fact that these transactions are
as untraceable as can be. hope i could help and someone correct me if i made a mistake somewhere.
[#203105] Written by: DAVEN [26/07/2013, 13:21]
dear novaking, would be more than happy to donate to the cause, but i know nothing about this bitcoin
thing. just looking it over it seems overly complicated.

i have used paypal for various similar sites as yours, chattchitto and when the payment is sent, it has a
reply of thanks for donating to some animal protection site. sorry, can't remember right off, i try to give at
least once a year and don't keep the records.

maybe you can setup a website with all the visual trappings of some sort of "help" page, "green" comes to
mind, those whackos might even donate money to you. lol.
please let us know if you come up with an easier and more well known method of sending $$$$
[#203144] Written by: JohnGEZTV.IT [27/07/2013, 17:44]

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[#203202] Written by: cryptid [29/07/2013, 01:38]

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[#203228] Written by: hotdiver [29/07/2013, 16:50]
i think it's a good idea, why not set up a donations page like another i use dose & it's very
successful . the majority wont pay even though they will gladly leech all the time but you will find
novaking a hard core would not mind helping out , because as you say some ones got to pay for
the servers here...

if people worry about privacy !! then they can use a vpn ..


[#205750] Written by: kasperdk86 [30/09/2013, 05:05]
i want to express my gratitude to this website. i am very pleased and happy to be a user here. the easy
overview of the latest series and everything i need to aktive follow my beloved series like simpsons,
family guy etc. i will gladly support this site and help in anyway i can. i am from denmark and if i am
allowed from admins here i can publish links and spread the word here in my community, to friends and
maybe via my facebook. i really wish for this site to keep existenz and for you to know how well your
work fits my expectations and need.

from kasper (a very happy user) :-)
[#206936] Written by: Winter S [23/10/2013, 19:54]
thank you so much for all the hard work you all do to make this an awesome, safe site.

i would not change anything.

no criticisms. i am literate and keep up with your news as you post it.

wish i had more bandwidth to seed with. if i wasn't poor i would love to support the service and will as
soon as i am able. thanks for keeping this add free and strait text and link. people who don't read info and
want it spoon-fed should go somewhere else.

thanks again
[#207397] Written by: khenry01 [01/11/2013, 23:27]

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