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[#215405] Written by: BoonesFerry [06/07/2014, 10:44]

this forum thread is for posting subtitle requests and sharing subtitle resources.

subtitle sites:

note: sometimes sites use tricky or deceptive advertising links or tell you that you need to install a
plugin or some other software...my suggestion is, don't do it. although this is how sites make much
of their money, this is also how adware/spyware/trojans are often spreasd. please, read carefully,
click on the correct subtitle links, and do not install stuff that you are not familiar with. exercise
extreme caution....always.

[#215472] Written by: tacarr [09/07/2014, 03:53]
first of all thanks boonsferry for setting up this thread.

i use http://www.addic7ed.com a lot and use subtitle edit (a free program) from www.nikse.dk/subtitleedit/
to translate (via google translate embedded in the software) into another language for friends to be able to
enjoy shows in their own language.
[#215815] Written by: Capt Kremin [18/07/2014, 22:43]

off topic post removed by mod.
[#216372] Written by: rafvne2 [09/08/2014, 08:10]
so the request is for australian version of wilfred subs. checked the usual sites, and only us
version of wilfred comes up. tried different names, and tags, maybe someone else will have better
luck, but most likely it's just not out there yet. i'll post on the tpb to the uploader of those two
seasons, maybe he has them stashed somewhere.
[#483750] Written by: mrf0ster [01/05/2015, 23:03]
Hi all, is there a way to work out which torrents DO NOT have subtitles? Lately a lot of shows seem to have these embedded
in the video file. I find them annoying, and having an English speaking background, I find them redundant as well for me

Any advice on how to select a file without subtitles embedded would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Mark
[#483822] Written by: mrf0ster [15/05/2015, 18:35]
Magnet links now opening new tabs in browser! Why?
[#483900] Written by: Benjy [28/05/2015, 10:31]
For those who may not know it, BS Player Pro automatically searches for subtitles within seconds as
soon as you click on a file.
[#484219] Written by: JoPedro [22/10/2015, 00:08]
Just a quick question (and an offer to help): couldn't something be done about the SEEN SEVERAL button on MY
PAGE? A button like this one: https://eztv.ag/myshows/724/watched/all/. For some reason not all items are cleared
and marked as seen, so we need to do it manually, one by one. Not a big deal: just to amend some of the code...
PHP, is it? Thanks for all the hard work!
[#484577] Written by: badger50 [19/05/2016, 23:11]
WHY are 90% of torrents now in MKV
Mylast five downloads failed. The movie cutout after a minute or two.

Is any one else having the same problem
[#484805] Written by: theecountryboy [05/08/2016, 05:10]
I am new to this site and could not find the thread or the correct form i guess you could say to see
about putting a request in for a certain show if someone could lead me in the right direction i
would be grateful thanks!!
[#484933] Written by: grahambollan [01/09/2016, 16:14]
Hi from another grateful newbie.

I was scanning your FAQ/Help section and clicked to find out more about Subtitles in the last section.

Clicking both links resulted in a mail failure notice arriving that suggested I had tried to mail F***[email protected]****.com (or very
similar as I deleted them immediately.)

I can't belive this is a normal delivery from this site. Gremlins or bad boys at play?

Thanks for the usually excellent links.
[#485191] Written by: forzikz [26/10/2016, 03:39]
[#485212] Written by: Geezes [28/10/2016, 02:52]
Mark, having selective tone hearing loss from from years at sea, I like subtitles, especially on large files that do not play
on well on VLC, which can blow out cheap speaker if you crank it up ... but I get your point.
I like optional subs, and see less of them.
The point on that count is made.
... but to amplify it, don't disparage something just because you don't need it, yet, son.
: 0

Now, I'm a long time user and first time poster ... living in the boondocks, like way out there, at the very the edge of the
optic fiber contention, so I have no idea how to get or post a torrent worth posting , I do not own a TV, and f' the cable
company, but thanks to those who do post what I watch ... I do my part feeding the swarm.

But my real question is ... and I don't care how it is done, but I can trust torrents of TV programs that are released before
the program has aired ?

The point being ... well, never mind ... don't feed the trolls nor ...
But all that aside, right now they are being posted by trusted names, so far, but relative to both the high and low end of
those who hate torrents, 1) can they be trusted now and 2 ) are the things posted before they are aired the next court
battle ?

Cut me some slack ... or bring it, no matter, I'm just asking the good fellas/ advice on this.
[#485213] Written by: Geezes [28/10/2016, 02:53]
Can't you click twice ... once on delete ?
The people doing this for need to pay for it.
[#485214] Written by: Geezes [28/10/2016, 02:56]
Oh I see, now ... best quote what I'm replying to ... so it goes.
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