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[#216102] Written by: artistharry [29/07/14, 11:34]
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love child

health-medical documentary hosted by carol foox and danny kim, published by hbo in 2014 - english



love child
in 2010, the death from malnutrition of south korean infant sarang became an international news
story when the circumstances were revealed: the parents had neglected her for an online fantasy
game. their subsequent trial, in the first case involving internet addiction, established a global
precedent in a world where virtual is the new reality.
love child explores this growing problem, weaving a tale of personal tragedy together with social
commentary. shining a light on how new technology can have unforeseen dire consequences.
a reported two million people suffer from gaming addiction in south korea, in part because of the
government's heavy investment in a broadband internet infrastructure that is arguably one of the
worlds most advanced, and has turned seoul into the "digital capital of the world." south korea's
internet economy is worth $7.9 billion, and makes up 7% of the country's gross domestic product.
lawmakers are currently considering a bill that would classify internet and online gaming addiction
as a mitigating factor in criminal prosecutions, along with addiction to gambling, drugs and alcohol.


technical specs

* video codec: x264 cabac [email protected]
* video bitrate: 2991 kbps
* video aspect ratio: 1.778 (16:9)
* video resolution: 1280 x 720
* audio codec: aac lc
* audio english /korean with english hard subs
* audio bitrate: 160 kbps vbr 48khz
* audio channels: stereo 2
* run-time: 74mins
* framerate: 23 fps
* number of parts: 1
* container mp4
* part size: 1.62 gb
* source: hdtv
* encoded by: harry65


1) further information
* http://www.hbo.com/documentaries/love-child#/documentaries/love-child/synopsis.html

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[#216236] Written by: YourMomma59 [04/08/14, 07:00]
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this movie is such a cop out and i find the comment the detective made at the end of it both ignorant and telling of the way in which society is
constantly throwing away people they don't see as valuable enough to matter.

there is one true line in the entire movie that goes directly to the heart of the issue. people left in an unsupportive environment are at high
risk to fail simply from their own ignorance. a child raised in an unsupportive environment learns neither to care for others or themselves.

take a very young girl and a man several decades older, neither who were valued by society and consequently not educated in how to live
their own lives much less caring for others and throw in the arena of online gaming - a place where your hard work is always rewarded by the
game. this was inevitable. the fact that they're blaming gaming for the problem shows how narrow-minded the story was.

in tampa, there are constantly reports of parental neglect. people who have nothing to do with gaming never feed their children or beat them
senselessly because that was all they knew. the child dies and they are put in jail. yet no one goes out and makes a movie about their
uneducated childhood, probably because no one likes to face the truth that poverty creates it's own set of horrors in this world and passes them
down from generation to generation.

specifically in the state of florida, there are no attempts to educate poorer communities - the schools in those areas suffer the most with the
worst teachers, the worst teaching supplies or lack thereof and the cycle continues.

our corporations in the united states are selling their corporation headquarters to foreign investors so they can use a tax loophole to not pay
taxes. they give all our jobs away to third world countries who pay their employees only pennies to live on and those employees work 10-16
hour days happily because they are so poor any money is better then no money. where does all the money go that these corporate board
members save by not doing their business in the united states? not to investors...it is stuffed into the already bloated bonuses of the board
members who's quarterly bonuses already rank in the millions of dollars.

kids wanting to study so they can get a decent paying job are burdened with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt in school loans. (my
son's are up to 300k at this point and growing hideously every day because the interest is so high there is no way to pay it down.) the
corporations that hire them know they are desperate for any job as their school loans are now due and pay them very little compared to the
percentage of wages to living expenses back in the 60s when corporate boards weren't sucking all the profit out of their corporations.

is it any surprise that these people who were abused, neglected and generally disenfranchised by what amounts to servitude by whatever body
owns them want to spend their relaxation time in an environment that rewards them for their hard work, no matter what social caste or family
they are from, what they look like, what they wear or how many friends they have? is it any wonder why they want to leave the real world
behind and go someplace where they can make their own fate?

the ending statement by the detective that "they should have known" shows what happens when the people who have supported lives don't try
to understand where the people who have nothing are coming from. if your mother raised you and barely feed you because she had more
important things to do, you might rightfully believe that is a parents role. it's why so many battered wives never think leaving their husband is
an option. their mothers were beaten so it seems logical to them to stay with their abusers.

before people start bandying around the words "gaming addiction" they need to assess what information a gamer has been given before they
start demonizing gaming. the problems they perceive to be coming from a gaming addiction are probably much more deeper seated and part
of the bigger mess a country like the united states is in - that being that we simply view people as disposable if they don't meet someone's
specific needs. you should be glad they're online trying to achieve something instead of using a gun to rob a mini-mart.
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