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[#509023] Written by: aussie_leah [31/08/2021, 17:58]
@Nyebodnye Thanks, I worked out how to add individual websites to AdBlock and have blocked the two that seem to be attached to Eztv and were causing the tabs to open. So far so good !!
[#509024] Written by: scotslad [31/08/2021, 21:02]
As I said before I got no issues whatsoever. No ads pop ups and the likes.
[#509185] Written by: privateprivacy [09/09/2021, 10:53]
This is not because of somebody's computer or browser settings. This is because you have a bit of code that immediately opens
an ad in a new tab so that it bypasses adblockers and the like. You said if I created an account there would be no more ads.
Why am I still seeing ads? Why would anyone want to keep coming to a site that is bombarding them with these malicious ads
and viruses. Contrary to what the fucktard above said, the Pirate Bay has never in more than a decade given me or anyone I
know any problems. This site is trash. You can't click on anything, you can't use your keyboard to avoid clicking on anything,
having a membership doesn't stop this from happening, and everything you do opens a new ad/virus tab. That's exactly how
you keep people coming to your site. I opened 4 damn ads just getting to and writing this comment in the forum and I was
signed in.
[#509271] Written by: v8commodore [14/09/2021, 15:09]
I see them here in New Zealand too
[#509272] Written by: v8commodore [14/09/2021, 15:14]
Ok so I went into my account setting and chose the block ads opton and that fixed it. I had it turned off to support the site
[#510007] Written by: rockerron [26/10/2021, 13:24]
I don't get ads, I have that turned off in "my shows/site settings" and that takes care of ads. What I am getting for the
last few months ia a site redirect to a page that is detected as malware/advertising. this occurs anywhere there is a video
embedded in a show description page. This must be their way of getting around disabling ads.
[#515371] Written by: NovaKing (Administrator) [05/04/2022, 04:57]
@rockerron: the embedded video is from a 3rd party service of which we cannot control their ads.
[#518150] Written by: reddhorizon [14/10/2022, 20:14]
try it for free!
[#518425] Written by: SanfordWallace [23/10/2022, 12:05]
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[#518721] Written by: poppy-playtime [27/10/2022, 14:34]
Chapter 4 is out now, enjoy!

[#518785] Written by: reddhorlzon [27/10/2022, 15:03]
Chapter 5 is out now! Enjoy!

[#518854] Written by: San4ordWall8ce [27/10/2022, 19:59]
Hi all,
As you all are probably aware by now, my accounts here have been hacked by some asshole! So, if you really really need
to get in touch with me, here is a link below to contact me about anything you might need for EZTV. Please feel free to ask
but also
please do not abuse it, ok? Cheers


Remember the name: SandfordWallace aka Bob
[#520665] Written by: madmartigan [19/01/2023, 23:27]
Stop the incel spamming here who talks to himself
[#520731] Written by: riŅkndeb [25/01/2023, 13:13]
As of today the request line is CLOSED.
So please be so kind as to go and FUCK YOURSELVES.....LOOK THEM UP YOURSELF ASSHOLES!!!
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