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[#86435] Written by: IndigoFlare [31/03/2008, 22:00]
woah, this is a surprise. if i watch this one how long will i have to wait until
episode 10?
[#86436] Written by: merlin.matias [31/03/2008, 22:02]
is this real? if it is, is a really good surprise...
[#86437] Written by: imbigdave [31/03/2008, 22:02]
my bet.. april fools joke!
[#86440] Written by: yugioholsson [31/03/2008, 22:04]
ohhh sweet i really hope this is not an april fools joke. :-( people in
australia have download limits :-(

thanks if it's real from briz australia
[#86441] Written by: rattown [31/03/2008, 22:04]
nice april fools joke i guess watches 30k+ people get fooled o.0
[#86439] Written by: Seano [31/03/2008, 22:07]
is this legit... and how is the quality?
cheers from briz vegas, australia
[#86445] Written by: hmsdh [31/03/2008, 22:09]
that's the million dollar question
first of all eztv has never been done fakes so i have high hopes this is not a fake.

and the this has been not published on any predb sites as a scene release sp may
be this is a joke.

anyway i'm downloading this so those who have download limits please don't until
someone confirms this
[#86443] Written by: ERICFF [31/03/2008, 22:11]
of course it is real. eztv never up fake files.
[#86444] Written by: story [31/03/2008, 22:11]
i'm hanging on to the april fools theory but still downloading as we speak until
someone says it's a fake 4 real

thnx from norway or haha you got me if it's a joke

[#86448] Written by: death734 [31/03/2008, 22:18]
april fools or not, humor or not
a fake is still very bad thing to do
there is no humor in posting fake files, or pissed off downloaders

uploader, way to screw up eztv flawless record of never posting fakes
hope your happy...
[#86449] Written by: bah5291 [31/03/2008, 22:23]
its a fake!!
just opened it with vlc and it starts off showing the previously on lost thing
and then it switches to a different show...

edit: it at goes fuzzy at abt 20 seconds and a diff show (flavor of love starts
at around 45 seconds)
[#86451] Written by: IndigoFlare [31/03/2008, 22:25]
did you have to go with such a screechy noise.
[#86452] Written by: imbigdave [31/03/2008, 22:27]
it is not a fake... i just opened it.

i don't know how they did it but they got a new episode. from what i can tell
it is about jack in the future.
[#86453] Written by: eric9037 [31/03/2008, 22:28]
it's a joke i checked it
[#86454] Written by: Albo [31/03/2008, 22:28]
yes, the logo, and the fact that starts exactly as the 2x11 episode, is also
weird :s
let's see what's next when it downloads more...
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